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Meet the team: Collaboration and a network of strength

The Community Cupboard's story is one of remarkable compassion, born from the vision of three extraordinary individuals: Vee McGannon, Tracy Wood, and Reverend Helen Reeves. Back in 2019, a simple yet powerful statement ignited a flame of hope – "We need a local food bank." This shared concern wasn't merely a passing thought; it was a call to action. Vee, with her background in social work, brought a wealth of experience in understanding the needs of the community's most vulnerable residents. Her years of navigating the social service system had given her a deep understanding of the gaps that existed, and she knew that a local food bank could be a vital lifeline for many. Tracy, a passionate advocate for social justice, possessed an unwavering determination to see the project through. Fuelled by a deep sense of fairness and a desire to create a more equitable society, she was a driving force in mobilizing the community and garnering support. Reverend Helen Reeves, a pillar of the local faith community, offered her unwavering support and the inspiring ability to unite people from all walks of life. Her dedication to serving those in need, coupled with her deep well of compassion, resonated with people of all faiths and backgrounds. Together, they formed a formidable team, each bringing their unique strengths and perspectives to the table. Vee's social work experience provided a roadmap for establishing the food bank's core functionalities, while Tracy's unwavering determination ensured they would overcome any obstacles. Reverend Reeves' ability to connect with people on a spiritual level fostered a sense of community and shared purpose, drawing volunteers and donors to their cause. Their combined efforts transformed a simple idea into a beacon of hope for countless individuals and families.

Vee McGannon

Retired. Loving the community work that I do for those living with memory issues and their carers by providing support to those who would be otherwise isolated due to their care roles

Tracy Wood

Pioneer, working in the local community with non profit groups in the areas of West Kingsdown, New Ash Green, Longfield & Hartley.. Assistant Beaver leader at Ash Green Scout Group and mum to wonderful children.

Rev'd Helen Reeves

Rector for the parishes of Ash and Ridley, part of the Rural North West Kent Group of churches.  Loving your neighbour as yourself is at the heart of the Christian message and this is exactly what we do at Community Cupboard.

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Phone: 07526 823 122
Address: The Community Cupboard, Gamecock Meadow, London Road, West Kingdown,
​TN15 6EL

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